Wojciech Gora on-line gallery

Web design

Work made for: Wojciech Gora

The site is based on a custom made content management system (CMS). All animations are done without Flash, thanks to what the gallery is accessible for all mobile platforms users.

The challenge with this site lay on the presentations of enlarged sections of Wojtek's paintings while maintaining the aspect ratio and the full-screen mode it operates in. We had to write a special system of image upload that automatically calculates the selected coordinates from the pictures and displays the sections and their zoom-ins according to user's screen resolution and window size.

Additionally, the whole page is AJAX based - the users willl never see blinking or page reload. On the other hand, we ensured that all pages are accessible using conventional links so that the gallery can be easily indexed by Google and other search engines.

Working with Wojtek was a great pleasure and we wish him even more success in his field.

You can visit Wojtek Gora's site following this link: http://www.wojciechgora.com 

Random works:
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