Web page for "Orto-Plus" Dentist Center

Web design

The meeting in a clean, well lighted place situated on one of the streets of our beautiful town resulted in accepting the challenge of creating a nice and a bit unconventional website. The meeting was lucky for as as we were not the choosen design studio. However, thanks to a little lapse of hand it was our number who received the lucky call. We decided to base the looks of the site on already existing Orto-Plus logo and managed to deliver a site that we were very proud of:  http://www.orto-plus.pl

The main page is constructed in such a way that it shrinks or enlarges depending on the user's screen resolution. We also introduced some custom jQuery animations and AJAX page loading - still keeping in mind that the contents should be edible by our favourite search engine and that users can benefit from the history function in their browsers. 

Random works:
Technologies used in this project: