"Pod Aniolem" Apartaments - web page

Web design

Just like anyone who once visited this town, we too fell for the magic of Kazimierz Dolny. Therefore, we were very happy to be given a chance to build a website for exclusive apartments situated there. The challenge was in creating a site that could reflect the local climate, encourage the travelers to visit "Pod Aniolem" and distinguish from competitive productions. We spend many hours modelling the layout, then we put it into PHP code enriched with custom animations using the jQuery library and added beautiful pictures provided by our Clients. 

You can see it in action here: http://www.podaniolemkazimierz.pl

Random works:
  • Cyfra+ Pulawy - website

    We wish all designers could meet such nice clients as the owners of Cyfra+ Pulawy. For the needs of their company we build a small but nice website »

  • CarpCity.pl - new logo for online fishing shop

    New logo for CarpCity.pl

    CarpCity.pl logo designed for an online fishing shop. In this project, emphasis was placed on a detailedm, fat carp. Captured in a circular shape with »

  • Temple of Hi

    "Temple of Hi" was rendered using Maxon C4D + PS CS5 + HDR toning

  • Street photography in Poland

    Business card made for pleasure. The project was created based on photographs taken Fujifilm FinePix x100.

Technologies used in this project: