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We had a chance and pleasure to work with the founder of one of the most successful startups in our region - Karolina Koza from "Projektownia Slubna". We're still unsure what made our cooperation so pleasant and fruitful, but it could be owed to mixture of different factors like Karolina's enthusiasm, her unparalelled kindness with other people and the fact that she as well as us share a passion for our work. 

Karolina is the first person to have seen the early sketch of our new content management system "Vimana" in action. We didn't want the main page of the site to be overloaded with data (and there is a lot of it) so we proposed a big slider screen for presentation of the photos connected with "Projektownia" whereas all the available categories of wedding attractions are put inside an expandable menu.

Additional features available for the guests are simple wedding calculator and a very helpful questionnaire that sends the most important data making it easier to prepare a quote.

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