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Filmedio - Advertising Agency
Filmedio Advertising Agency
Other works made for Filmedio :

Bazinga Designs created this web page for Filmedio - an advertising agency based in Pulawy. We got the inspiration from two technology giants: Nokia and Microsoft. We played with some CSS3,  jQuery and custom fonts to create a pleasing, animated intro for the main page and to put some life into informative subpages.

The project is based on WordPress content management system. We used full-screen, auto-scaling backgrounds rendered with Maxon Cinema 4D and auto-centering boxes. Our leading motif here was: simplicity, pleasing looks and ease of navigation.

Random works:
  • Wojciech Gora on-line gallery

    Wojtek Gora hired us to convert his ideas and ready made graphics into a quite specific site based on AJAX and jQuery... well, you have to see it »

  • BK Design Architects logo

    Conjunction of the first name and surname letters of BK Design owner's - Beata Kowalczyk. What you find is what you look for.

  • Serenity Coaching And Guidance - web page

    The project for Susan Cadwell encompassed tuning in the colours of her existing HTML template and converting it into a functional site.

  • Loff

    Another design made for pleasure using Maxon Cinema 4D.

Technologies used in this project: