Street banner for AGD-Pulawy online store

Print & Packaging

Other works made for AGD - Pulawy :
A banner project designed for the AGD-Pulawy on-line store.
Random works:
  • Street photography in Poland

    Business card made for pleasure. The project was created based on photographs taken Fujifilm FinePix x100.

  • Logo My Coffee House

    Logo created as part of the corporate identity of caffee: My Coffee House. Logo depicting a cup of coffee with a fractal plant floats on top of »

  • Make it breathtaking

    Project made entirely using Cinema 4D 64bit + IR + QMC (still Image) + HDRI mode.

  • Above the infuence

    Acid Wallpaper 2011 named "Above the Infuence". Adobe Illustrator + Abobe Photoshop

Technologies used in this project: