Minimal Vector pattern for MMA Tees

Print & Packaging

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, Mixed Martial Arts) - sporting discipline, even where the players are struggling with a large range of permitted techniques (all techniques may be allowed in other sports, unarmed combat.) MMA express a contemporary directions ofmartial arts - providing sporting spectacle where the battle takes place with the least restrictions, but while minimizing the risk of death and serious and permanent injury.

Minimal Vector pattern for Tees-  designed by Bazinga Designs

Random works:
  • M e l t

    "Melt" sketches made with bamboo stick, the oblique nib and chinise ink.

  • Fruits

    Rendered using Maxon Cinema 4d + Photoshop CS5 retouch

  • AGD-Pulawy logo

    Orange background symbolising joyness and a rounded element connected with the letter "G" symbolising the on/off switch.

  • Vombat Radio logo

    A vombat in the Ninja costume with a snake whose tail forms a "play" sign. Logo for a temporarily shut down radio broadcasting live online concerts.

Technologies used in this project: