Positive Budda 2013 - Game Illustration


UpComing Video Game Poster - Positive Budda 2013

Random works:
  • Vombat Radio logo

    A vombat in the Ninja costume with a snake whose tail forms a "play" sign. Logo for a temporarily shut down radio broadcasting live online concerts.

  • Anesthetic stuff

    Work created using only Maxon Cinema 4d, emphasis put on the reflections of light.

  • CarpCity.pl - new logo for online fishing shop

    New logo for CarpCity.pl

    CarpCity.pl logo designed for an online fishing shop. In this project, emphasis was placed on a detailedm, fat carp. Captured in a circular shape with »

  • Pawel Kozak's logo

    A logo for the Warsaw's activist Pawel Kozak

Technologies used in this project: