"Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"


i decided to make a poster with this quote. The entire poster was hand-drawn using tablet. Project duration = one hour. If anyone is interested i can email the source files 40 x 60. I hope you like it =)

Random works:
  • Hutnik Cracow Accomodations for Euro 2012 fans coming to Cracow

    Web page for Hutnik Cracow Accomodations

    A simple but engaging html5 / css3 / jQuery web page for Hutnik Cracow, inexpensive accomodations for fans comming to watch Euro 2012 in Cracow

  • Poster 2011

    Poster inspired by American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady The Big Bang Theory

  • Nerd 3d

    Design dedicated to people passionate about science, comic books and computer games. Inspiration for this work was taken from primitive pictograms »

  • Laminatex mini-site

    The site is build upon a custom, simple CMS system so all of the contents are easily editable, including the gallery.

Technologies used in this project: