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Polsho - childrens shoes - online shop

On-line version of Polsho's childrens' shoes shop is based on Prestashop software. We usedd one of our favorite fonts from the Google Web Fonts library - Open Sans to add lightness and clarity to the project. 

On client's request, we made some changes in the way the store behaves, among other things: ability to select a category to display on the home page, modified handling of unavailable items by redirecting user to the contact box with pre-filled product number, custom CMS content box on the contact page.

Random works:
  • Laminatex mini-site

    The site is build upon a custom, simple CMS system so all of the contents are easily editable, including the gallery.

  • Szpros Dietary Counseling logo

    Green sprouts symbolising healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

  • AGD-Pulawy logo

    Orange background symbolising joyness and a rounded element connected with the letter "G" symbolising the on/off switch.

  • Gospoda Marynarska pub - blog

    Our first work made just after the launch of Bazinga Designs. Based on Wordpress engine, enriched with a few plug-ins and hand drawn graphic by Igor »

Technologies used in this project: