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FitnessQuiz - practice exams for personal trainers
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FitnessQuiz is an online shop and quiz generating machine written from scratch using the marvelous Laravel framework. We designed it to serve tablets and smartphones users (mobile version) as well as desktop and laptop users (desktop version). The platform is integrated with Paypal payments. 

It has a built-in powerful module that allows the users to generate tests from the purchased tests categories, a full e-mailing service and charts generator for easy progress tracking.

The site administrator has a complete control over the content of the static pages (CMS) and easy access to the interface of adding, editing, removing and updating quizzes, questions, categories, users, and payment options.

The visual side is based on responsive design and advanced typography that leverages Google Web Fonts library. We have made a lot of effort to ensure that the tests filling proces is clear and straight forward as the portal is also dedicated to mobile platforms.

Website address: in the making, the customer is currently filling in the data

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