New logo for

Logo design - new logo for online fishing shop - online fishing shop
Work made for: logo designed for an online fishing shop. In this project, emphasis was placed on a detailedm, fat carp. Captured in a circular shape with a serif font.

Random works:
  • Ewelina Kowalczyk's logo

    Ewelina Kowalczyk's initials fitted into a specific shape.

  • Auction template for AGD-Pulawy

    Right after finishing the on-line store for AGD-Pulawy we also created this auction template.

  • Nerd 3d

    Design dedicated to people passionate about science, comic books and computer games. Inspiration for this work was taken from primitive pictograms »

  • logo

    A place you always come back to with a smile. The shape of this logo forms into a symbol of a house.

Technologies used in this project: