We care about esthetic design 2011

graphic design

Bazinga Designs cares about esthetic design - a digital collage of two photographs made under Adobe Photoshop  CS5
Random works:
  • Drugz & Balls

    First, sentimental render made with Maxon Cinema 4D

  • Ella & Erga

    Ella and Erga is a lovely couple from Indonesia who based their wonderful site design on Bazinga's template.

  • BK Design Architects logo

    Conjunction of the first name and surname letters of BK Design owner's - Beata Kowalczyk. What you find is what you look for.

  • Vombat Radio logo

    A vombat in the Ninja costume with a snake whose tail forms a "play" sign. Logo for a temporarily shut down radio broadcasting live online concerts.

Technologies used in this project: