Of course we can 2011

graphic design

Of course we can... Bazinga Designs motto made using C4D + PS CS5
Random works:
  • Dope Time 2011

    Dope Time 2011 - work completed one warm summer evening - rendered with C4D + Adobe Illustator

  • In color 2011

    Work made under Maxon Cinema 4D + Iphone 4 models + Bazinga Designs wallpapers + Soft Box

  • JGJ Wholesale logo

    Warm colours going into cold symbolise cold room and the method of storage of dairy products.

  • "Pod Aniolem" Apartaments - web page

    Just like anyone who once visited this town, we too fell for the magic of Kazimierz Dolny. Therefore, we were very happy to be given a chance to build »

Technologies used in this project: