Eve Loves cats

graphic design

Eve Loves cats
Random works:
  • Dope Time 2011

    Dope Time 2011 - work completed one warm summer evening - rendered with C4D + Adobe Illustator

  • Mini portal for Projektownia Slubna

    We had a chance and pleasure to work with the founder of one of the most successful startups in our region - Karolina Koza from "Projektownia »

  • Bart Bajerski - online gallery

    The idea for Bart's site came very quickly. We wanted it to be covering the whole available space, being scalable and focusing the attention on the »

  • Pimp My Kiashek T-Shirt

    The idea for "Pimp my kijaszek" and accompanying T-Shirt was born after consumption of a handful of Morning Glory seeds.

Technologies used in this project: