Chocolate Balls

graphic design

Rendered using Maxon Cinema 4D r13. Renderer settings: physical effects, global illumination (GI + sky sampler + ambient occlusion) 

It's the first render of this type we made. It took some time to choose the right settings for the glass surface. The image took more than 3 hours to render. As far as the glass material goes: Opacity - refraction: 1,2; Reflection - texture: Fresnel; Specular: mode - plastic, width 50%, height 20% .

Adding Cloth Nurbs to the bowl and playing with thicknes of the model gives very interesting effects. For best effects start with values below zero.

As far as the Global Illumination settings go, increase the value of Samples in the Sky tab by 3 or more to lower the scale of noise.

Also, remember to switch to progressive sampling in the Physical Effects.

This render was inspired by the works of Greyscale Gorilla: . We're your big fans, thanks!

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