Bazinga designs - Luxury car

graphic design

Photo of a luxury car

Random works:
  • Pimp My Kiashek T-Shirt

    The idea for "Pimp my kijaszek" and accompanying T-Shirt was born after consumption of a handful of Morning Glory seeds.

  • Laminatex mini-site

    The site is build upon a custom, simple CMS system so all of the contents are easily editable, including the gallery.

  • Wojciech Gora on-line gallery

    Wojtek Gora hired us to convert his ideas and ready made graphics into a quite specific site based on AJAX and jQuery... well, you have to see it »

  • Web page for "Orto-Plus" Dentist Center

    A scalable web page for Aesthetic Dentist Center "Orto-Plus" located in Pulawy, Poland with AJAX and jQuery animations

Technologies used in this project: