Projektownia Slubna leaflets


Other works made for Projektownia Slubna :
A fragment of leaflet being prepared for Projektownia Slubna
Random works:
  • Serenity Coaching And Guidance - web page

    The project for Susan Cadwell encompassed tuning in the colours of her existing HTML template and converting it into a functional site.

  • In color 2011

    Work made under Maxon Cinema 4D + Iphone 4 models + Bazinga Designs wallpapers + Soft Box

  • Temple of Hi

    "Temple of Hi" was rendered using Maxon C4D + PS CS5 + HDR toning

  • Bart Bajerski - online gallery

    The idea for Bart's site came very quickly. We wanted it to be covering the whole available space, being scalable and focusing the attention on the »

Technologies used in this project: