Business Cards for Filmedio Advertising Agency

Business cards

Other works made for Filmedio :

CMYK business cards made for the local advertising agency, created with Maxon Cinema 4D

Random works:
  • Trust Your Eyes

    Poster made with our new font - Trust Font

  • Cyfra+ Pulawy - website

    We wish all designers could meet such nice clients as the owners of Cyfra+ Pulawy. For the needs of their company we build a small but nice website »

  • Web page for Grzegorz Pawlowski

    One of our first commercial works. Whole page was designed and developped using Open Source tools: Inkscape and GIMP.

  • Logo My Coffee House

    Logo created as part of the corporate identity of caffee: My Coffee House. Logo depicting a cup of coffee with a fractal plant floats on top of »

Technologies used in this project: