Business card for Projektownia Slubna

Business cards

Other works made for Projektownia Slubna :

Double sided, glossy business card designed for Projektownia Slubna  

Random works:
  • Dope Time 2011

    Dope Time 2011 - work completed one warm summer evening - rendered with C4D + Adobe Illustator

  • Pawel Kozak's logo

    A logo for the Warsaw's activist Pawel Kozak

  • Poster 2011

    Poster inspired by American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady The Big Bang Theory

  • Projektownia Bialy Kot - business card

    We promise to write more about the cooperation with Edyta after we finish her new website - "Projektownia Bialy Kot". This time we'll only say that »

Technologies used in this project: