Business card for Projektownia Slubna

Business cards

Other works made for Projektownia Slubna :

Double sided, glossy business card designed for Projektownia Slubna  

Random works:
  • Hutnik Cracow Accomodations for Euro 2012 fans coming to Cracow

    Web page for Hutnik Cracow Accomodations

    A simple but engaging html5 / css3 / jQuery web page for Hutnik Cracow, inexpensive accomodations for fans comming to watch Euro 2012 in Cracow

  • Thomas Service logo

    An "OK" gesture of hand holding a house symbolising excellent care.

  • dr. Loff

    Three dimensional LOFF block made using Maxon Cinema 4D. So ? Are you running with us for freedom?

  • Bijou Cotti auction template

    Auction template with a class. Although this time we received an almost ready-made design we still had fun adding chic fonts, dabbling with the menu »

Technologies used in this project: