AGD-Pulawy business card

Business cards

Other works made for AGD - Pulawy :

Double sided, glossy business card designed for "AGD-Pulawy" online store  

Random works:
  • Poster - Japan 2012

    Poster with Asian Girl - Cinem 4d r13 + PhotoShop CS5

  • Pimp My Kiashek T-Shirt

    The idea for "Pimp my kijaszek" and accompanying T-Shirt was born after consumption of a handful of Morning Glory seeds.

  • Logo My Coffee House

    Logo created as part of the corporate identity of caffee: My Coffee House. Logo depicting a cup of coffee with a fractal plant floats on top of »

  • AGD-Pulawy logo

    Orange background symbolising joyness and a rounded element connected with the letter "G" symbolising the on/off switch.

Technologies used in this project: