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Blogs and templates

Our first work made just after the launch of Bazinga Designs. Based on Wordpress engine, enriched with a few plug-ins and hand drawn graphic by Igor Wnuk.

The website is available here: http://www.gospodamarynarska.pl

Random works:
  • Anesthetic stuff

    Work created using only Maxon Cinema 4d, emphasis put on the reflections of light.

  • Underwater relaxx

    'Cocote' made with Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Underwater Relaxx was inspired by my sister's Kitchen ;)

  • Bijou Cotti auction template

    Auction template with a class. Although this time we received an almost ready-made design we still had fun adding chic fonts, dabbling with the menu »

  • "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

    i decided to make a poster with thic quote. The entire poster was hand-drawn using tablet. Project duration = one hour. If anyone is interested i »

Technologies used in this project: