Allegro WebAPI - displaying other user's auctions in the template

Auctions templates

Allegro WebAPI - other auctions - PHP
Other works made for AGD - Pulawy :

Allegro is a Polish equivalent of eBay that also allows users to include custom templates for their auctions. It is a very common thing to see a list of other goods that are being sold by the same user. It can be achieved either by hand typing and inserting images or by using the Allegro WebAPI along with a bit of PHP. This project was initialy made for AGD-Puławy on-line shop but is now available for all our clients.

Random works:
  • Loff

    Another design made for pleasure using Maxon Cinema 4D.

  • Above the infuence

    Acid Wallpaper 2011 named "Above the Infuence". Adobe Illustrator + Abobe Photoshop

  • Nerd 3d

    Design dedicated to people passionate about science, comic books and computer games. Inspiration for this work was taken from primitive pictograms »

  • BK Design - architects

Technologies used in this project: