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Web design

As Terence McKenna once said: we each must become like fishermen, and go out on to the dark ocean of mind, and let your nets down into that sea. And what you're after is not some behemoth, that will tear through your nets, follow them and drag you in your little boat, you know, into the abyss, nor are what we're looking for a bunch of sardines that can slip through your net and disappear. What we are looking for are middle size ideas, that are not so small that they are trivial, and not so large that they're incomprehensible.   


Graphic design

Creating the visual side begins in the left heart ventrice, flows with its rhythm and dissolves on the surface of the screen.




While you sell the product, advertise the feelings that come with it. Nobody needs new services unless they believe they really need them.


Brand identity

Every company needs a strong and discernible identity. As various symbols surround us from every side,  an intense emphasis on your individuality and the need to stand out becomes an obvious thing.


Web development

We create lightweight, fast, online pages based both on Open Source (PHP) and commercial technologies (ASP.NET), giving you access to services for advanced and demanding web apps as well as simpler, everyday web pages.



We offer a full spectrum of poligraphic services, including the preparation process and print on all conventional and unconventional formats.




Thank you for your interest

Below you can find a list of the most popular categories of designs we created. Unfortunatelly, we are legally bound not to show part of our works due to copyright:

▸ Web design and development
▸ Graphic design
▸ On-line stores & E-commerce
▸ Logotypes
▸ Print and Packaging


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