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Graphic designer and the founder of Bazinga Designs, likes ukulele and Gorillaz.

Why did we create Sensilia.pl? We needed a tool that could help us show the final version of the business cards designs in a fast and very attractive manner. 

If you're a designer, you know very well how it feels like to send your clients designs in a form of flat pictures or take additional time to find a nice photo and paste your final version onto it. Well, now the pain is gone: thanks to Sensilia you need less than 30 seconds to upload your images and turn them into an awesome 3D model of a business card which your client can easily play with and get to love quick.

Each project uploaded to Sensilia receives a unique, private URL and a deletion link, thanks to what you can easily share it with the right person and delete it when there's no longer need for it to be on-line.We don't collect your e-mail addresses. This service is purely to help those who find it useful. Deleting your project erases your e-mail from our database forever, provided that all the designs you've uploaded using this address are deleted too. We also do not list your designs publicly and if we introduce such possibility in the future all your designs will be marked as non-public by default and you'll just have anoption to show them to the world.

Have a nice time on Sensilia and help us to spread the word :)

Your friends @ Bazinga

Go to Sensilia: http://www.sensilia.pl

Update 2012-03-30: now you can embed your project on your web page or blog - including tumblr.com - by using the embed codes that come in two flavours: light and dark. We do not push any ads on the embeded windows. Here's an example:


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